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Medal Ball ...Graduation Day!


An Arthur Murray Medal Ball is a gala dance event honoring students who "graduate" from one level of their dance program to the next. Medal Ball also affords students the opportunity to enjoy their dancing in a fun and elegant setting.


Showcase... the chance to really "show your stuff"!


A Showcase is a one-day event where students present dance routines with personalized choreography. These routines make an exciting addition to your Medalist Program because they allow you to develop showmanship and musical expression along with social dance skills. 


Dance_O_Rama (DanceSport)


A Dance-O-Rama (or Dancesport Competition) is an exciting two or three day event that brings students together from many Arthur Murray studios to compete, at their level, in dances of their choice. This requires specialized dance training to polish and perfect choreography, technique and style. The weekend is full of dance activities such as dance competitions, cocktail parties, dinner dances and exciting professional shows, 

Medal Ball
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