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Imagine The Possibilities

The Dance To Last A Lifetime

Your Wedding Specialist 


Your team of teachers and course planners at ARTHUR MURRAY DANCE STUDIO are sincerely interested in your dancing needs and desires for your special day. It is our utmost wish to give you all that you desire from your dance lessons. The benefits of being a good dancer are numerous, as you already may have experienced. In order to plan your wedding program as intelligently and accurately as possible, it is important that your instructors know exactly what you wish to gain from your dancing. With your cooperation, we can help you become a better dancer rapidly so that you can enjoy these many benefits.


Call us to schedule your Introductory wedding consultation or online here.

We help you plan the most important dance of your life. 


Let us know :


  • Do you want a traditional dance or the next YouTube sensation? Maybe even a combination.

  • What type of music are you going to have at the wedding?

  • Will there be dancing opportunities during the honeymoon?

  • Have you thought about the Father / Daughter dance?

  • What about Mother / Son?

  • Think about your wedding picture what they'll look like dancing...enough said?

  • Have you picked a wedding song?

  • What is the reception going to be like?

  • What are your dress and shoes going to be like?


Call us now to set up your introductory consultation. From there, we will be able to recommend a program that is best suited to your needs and desires. Of all the wedding planning you do, planing your first dance can be one of the most important decisions you make. Your dancing will stay with you for the rest of your life.

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